Zhou Yuan, the Best Production Worker in Weimao

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Zhou Yuan


Year of Birth:1978

Birthplace: Anhui

Vice manager of Weimao’s wiring harness department


 The result of the 4th “Ten of Liantang’s Most Inspiring People” selection came out on 30th May. Weimao’s staff Zhou Yuan had the honor to be elected as “the best production worker”. This selection started from last September. 58 candidates, divided into 10 categories, entered the final round of this competition. The selection is aimed at discovering and praising good people and good deeds, bringing positive energy, and carrying forward socialist core values by means of media publicity. 


The Best Production Worker

Zhou Yuan, with his dedicated spirit and excellent achievements, was outstanding in the selection and elected as “the Best Production Worker”. This award is a full acknowledgement of his efforts and striving.




In 2009, Zhou Yuan proposed every mechanical equipment operator should wear safety cap regardless of gender, so that not only workers’ hair can be prevented from being drawn into equipment and accidents can be largely avoided, but also the quality of products can be better assured. This proposal was affirmed and taken by company management. In April, 2010, under his leadership, Group A in wiring harness workshop obtained “2009 Excellent Team in Qingpu District” award in the “Safety & Health Cup” co-hosted by Shanghai Qingpu Federation of Trade Unions and Shanghai Qingpu Bureau of Work Safety. 




Firstly, I want to thank Liantang government and its civilization office for holding this selection activity of “Ten of Liantang’s Most Inspiring People”. Secondly, I want to thank Weimao’s general manager Mr.Zhou for providing me with a good stage for development. I also want to thank the vice general manager Mr. Cai for his guidance and innovative ideas, and thank our section head Mr. Luo’s instruction and kind help. I will continuously try to do well in my position, strive to make technological breakthrough, love my post, be devoted to it, be brave to innovate, and try to make rapid response to customers’ requirements with best quality, lowest cost, and highest efficiency. I will lead my team to keep improving, and pursue zero defect products to return Weimao and society. Starting from Weimao and everyone including me, let’s actively work together to build a harmonious and beautiful new Liantang Town.


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