Ensure Health And Environmental Protection in Every Workshop —— Weimao direct drinking water project started

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In order to improve the working environment of staff, advocate a healthy lifestyle, meanwhile, to take more social responsibility of environmental protection and energy saving, Weimao recently started its direct drinking water project, which covers every office and workshop in the factory, aimed at gradually replacing barreled drinking water with direct drinking water.

Traditional water dispenser is easy to cause harm to human body after being used for too many years. This time, Weimao replaced all its water dispensers, aiming at providing cleaner and healthier drinking water to all Weimao staff. This shows company’s concern and love to every Weimao people. The direct drinking water equipment we adopted this time is manufactured by Shanghai Canature Environmental Products Co., Ltd., it complies with domestic and international environmental friendly requirements and maintained by specially-assigned person on a regular basis.

This direct drinking water equipment, through magnetization treatment, advanced purification, ultraviolet radiation sterilization,can effectively remove residual chlorine, heavy metals, organic pollutants,rust and dust, environmental hormones, radioactive substances, pathogenic bacteria, carcinogenic, teratogenic and other harmful substances from local tap water, meanwhile, remain those trace elements that are beneficial to human body. Also, magnetized water is good to human vessels. Besides, this equipment adopts stepwise heating technology, which can avoid harm to human body caused by repeatedly heated water.

Weimao Electronics has been focusing onwater treatment equipment for long time and its self-developed water qualitydetection sensor and temperature controlling cable are widely used in all kindsof water treatment equipment. Weimao has established long-term cooperation relationship with world famous water treatment enterprises such as Culligan, Canature,Runner Corp, PURED'EAU,etc.

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