Fire Drill of Shanghai Weimao Electronic Co., Ltd

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Fire Drill of Shanghai Weimao Electronic Co., Ltd


                   Prevent From Burning

On the afternoon of September 19, 2018, Shanghai Weimao Electronics Co., Ltd. conducted enterprise fire drills with the fire squadron in Liantang Town, and explained the correct ways of using fire extinguishers and hydrants, so as to enhance the fire safety awareness and self-rescue common sense of enterprise staffs and to build a stable and safety environment!

With an alarm sounded, the Fire Control Squadron personnel identified the specific location and notified the patrol post to verify the situation in the simulation site quickly. After confirming the situation, they replied to the fire control center immediately. In the same time, patrol guards guide the evacuation. After receiving the report, fire squadron operated step by step, issued instructions such as evacuation, fire fighting, rescue, on-site vigilance and so on. 

Fire Extinguishment Drill

The instructor demonstrated the correct way of using fire extinguishers, and then staffs took turns to go to battle and experience the actual operation to strengthen their ability of self-defense and self-rescue, also the ability of evacuation in the face of fire emergencies!


Meanwhile, we are very grateful to the fire squadron for taking time to explain the fire knowledge, so as to improve the fire awareness of the enterprise and staffs.           

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Day, we also extend our cordial Festival condolence to the soldiers of fire squadron who are sticking to the front line of fire fighting and protecting people's lives and property. Here, extending the warmest blessings and warmest condolences to the fire brigade from our company.

The fire drill was a good experience for us to strengthen the fire propaganda and education, enhance the fire awareness of enterprise an staffs, work together for fire safety. This exercise not only establishes the concept of "fire protection of the whole people, life first" for staffs, but also creates a safety environment for the stability of enterprise and lays a solid foundation for the establishment of a safe and harmonious enterprise.




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