Work Together to Create Brilliant Achievements-Weimao 2016 Teambuilding Training

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In June, 2016, 43 core management staff from Weimao went to the   famous sight spot “The Ninth Cave”in Yuyao , Zhejiang Province, participating Weimao’s annual outdoor training activities. During the two-day schedule, our staff participated in mind blowing team game, physical power and endurance demanding traversing race, exciting red bayberry picking activity, and tasted delicious farm food. Through the two-day intimate communication, Weimao people acquired a profound experience, which is the importance of teamwork and the possibility of their own potentialities. They all feel happy as a member of the Weimao Family.

During the training, the staffs were divided into three groups. Each group chose their own group leader, leader secretary and Mr . Muscle. Each group actively used their creativity to design their own team flag, decide team name, team slogan, and team song. Every team and member took an active part in the discussions and practice. They talked about every detail and practiced every step. Although each team has its own speed, finally it could find the most appropriate method to accomplish its target.

The most exciting “The Ninth Cave Traversing” brought a lot of laughter to the training. During the activities, these team members helped each other while they also played jokes on each other. They not only released their pressure from work, but also promoted their friendship and enhanced team cohesiveness.

All the smiling faces constituted our cohesive and constantly self-transcendent Weimao Team. They deepened their mutual trust during the activities. The intimate link built during happy time stimulates better performance in the future work, and Weimao people will work together to make more great achievements.

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